We’re very proud of our reviews, a selection of which you can view below:

“The kitchen at the back open to view has chefs working as silently and intently as monks sending out reasonably priced dishes fiercely loyal to the region and forceful in their flavours.”
– Fay Maschler, Evening Standard [Full Review]

“This is the Provençal outdoors, brought indoors. Wherever you look, you feel the spirit of a verandah, complete with bee, insect and cricket images.”
– John Walsh, The Independent [Full Review]

“Desserts were a real highlight. Caramelized orange mousse and fiadone – traditional Corsican cheese and lemon cake, were neat, sweet little roundels of citrusy delight, the latter accented beautifully by a scoop of blackberry and lavender sorbet.”
– Hugh Wright, [Full Review]

“For the first time, in a very long time, I wasn’t let down by a restaurant. From the beginning, and I mean the very beginning, everything went right. From the gorgeous rope door handles, to the charming and chatty front of house. “
– forkmyknife [Full Review]

“Another deft piece of cooking, meaty fish with crisp skin sitting on dense jet-black rice, the plate given a shock of colour with a shellfish bisque and two prawns. The sweetness and depth of flavour of the prawns was a palate juddering surprise, the bisque carrying a kick from the anise of Pernot.”
– Zeren Wilson, [Full Review]

“A restaurant with a real sense of place and well planned point of view, rooted in Provençal culture. It’s a beautiful idea and also tastes marvellous. We’ve seen the future in Chancery Lane: it’s lavender.”
– Bruce Dear, head of real estate investors group, Eversheds  [Full Review]

“This provencal cum Corsican restaurant is one of the most beautiful dining rooms in London, and I don’t say this lightly. The décor has a Nicole Farhi feel to it, and reminds me of a chic townhouse you might find tucked away in the hilltop village of Saint Paul de Vence. The lighting is exquisite.”
– Adam Hyman [Full Review]