Domaine Lyrarakis, Crete, Tuesday 28th August 2018

Domaine Lyrarakis, Crete, Tuesday 28th August 2018

The call of Crete: a taste of Mythology!
This month, we bring you to a place where myths look like history and history is like a myth.
Mediterranean’s fifth largest island and Greece’ second largest wine district, Crete is a land of contrasts with an ancient wine culture in renaissance.
After the apparition of the terrible phylloxera in the 1970’s explaining the late starter of Crete in the modern wine race, the devastated vineyard has been replanted, largely with international varieties.
However, a splendid suite of native grapes remained, leading Cretans to rethink the vineyard mix.
Bart Lyrarakis and his family were one of these pioneers considered as wine heroes for their contribution and efforts to rescue ancient cultivars from extinction.
The family-run winery was established in 1966 in the mountainous commune of Alagni (440 meters above the sea level), south of Heraklion.
Their first vintage was released in 1992 and the multiple international awards and distinctions justify the recognition gained by Lyrarakis.
The winery is now managed by the second generation, with Manolis Lyrarakis at its head.
Crete is also renowned for its delightful gastronomy, with its delicacy and colour, its embrace of vegetables and fruits, its use of a unique range of herbs with simply prepared fish and cheese, and its artful celebration of olive oil and of bread. A fantastic occasion for Chef to offer you a succulent variation of Mediterranean cuisine.

Tuesday 28th August

Domaine Lyrarakis

Grilled Prawn, Watermelon, Tomato & Herbs Salad
Psarades, Dafni 2016
Seared Mackerel, Nectarine Salsa & Watercress
Ippodromos Vineyard,Vidiano 2016
Grilled Quail, Sweet Green Chilli, Crispy Feta & Olives
Okto, Kotsifali 2015
Iced Nougat, Apricot & Verbena Coulis
Liastos 2015

The dinner will be £49.50pp for all four courses with wine pairing.
We will open as usual at 5.45pm and booking are available throughout the night until 9:45pm.
Please book in advance to avoid missing out.
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