Weingut Carl Koch, Germany on Tuesday 26th of March

Weingut Carl Koch, Germany on Tuesday 26th of March

German’s Finest presents:

Weingut Carl Koch is located near the town of Oppenheim, right by the region’s most famous vineyard location, the Oppenheimer Sackträger. In the mid 19th century Friedrich Koch founded the world’s first quinine factory on his family’s generations old estate, with his son Carl directing operations. By 1888, global competition in the production of quinine became so intense that the family decided to sell close that business down and concentrate entirely on their other commercial interest, viticulture.

The whole range of wines has a signature elegance, classic varietal and stylistic traits and all offer incredible value, the Spätburgunder in particular is a wine that does everything that a Burgundy does but at a fraction of the price. The estate is also blessed with a large library of old vintages going back decades, small quantities of which are released to us throughout the year.

Rheinhessen is Germany’s largest quality wine producing region. For years, it was an area associated with bulk wines blends but the region has recently been transformed by energetic, forward thinking winemakers like Carl Koch, who use traditional wine making methods to focus on quality.

 Weingut Carl Koch
Wine maker Agustín González Novoa

Crab Salad & Chilled Cauliflower

Sacktraeger Riesling Trocken 2016


Glazed Oxcheek, Root Vegetables Broth & Gingerbread

Spaetburgunder Rotwein 2015


Cheese Selection, Plum & Horseradish Chutney

Riesling Gueldenmorgen Auslese 2014


Apple & Quince Tarte Fine & Pear Sorbet

Beerenauslese Bacchus 1994


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